Coming soon: quiet nights without snoring. Nora is possible, thanks to you.

At Nora, we make sleep a priority. But, we’re not going to lie; we haven’t slept much these past two weeks of our Kickstarter campaign. With more than 1000 orders from around the world, Nora’s had a whirlwind start! Thanks to all of you who’ve shown us how much a simple snoring solution is needed everywhere.
We’re also excited to share with you press coverage from NBC News, Reuters, Uncrate, Van Winkles, and BuzzFeed.
Since we started pre-orders, we’ve also heard from many of you who have asked us whether Nora is shipping to their country. You asked, we listened and now we’re shipping worldwide including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, the EU and the UK.
We would also like to say thanks to all of you who have shared your “snore stories” and more with us; from talking about seafood in Portugal, to adventures in the Australian outback, to snoring puppies in bedrooms, we’ve really enjoyed hearing from you.

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