Rhinomed Mute Snoring Device Review

mute snoring review

If you have been through the journey of finding the right snoring solution, you might know how frustrating it is. With various options like chin straps, mouthpieces, pillows, CPAP machines, the search can be exhausting. The big question is, are these things actually right for you? Well, you need to know why you are snoring before purchasing an anti-snoring solution. If you are snoring because you are a mouth breather and your nose is blocked or congested while sleeping, you may consider Mute Snoring device. Mute dilates the nostrils to allow more airflow during sleep, preventing nose congestion and encouraging nasal breathing, thus stopping snoring.

In this blog, we will dive in to understand Mute Snoring device and provide an unbiased review of it.

What Is Mute Snoring?

Mute Snoring is an internal nasal dilator that is inserted inside the nose, opening up the nostrils and freeing up the nasal passage to let more air pass and help you breathe easier. It is a brand under an Australian listed company named Rhinomed which specializes in airway technology that improves breathing and sleeping.

Mute Snoring is a US FDA approved medical device. It is made from medical grade polymers (both BPA-free and Latex-free). Mute Snoring comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The company suggests that you purchase a trial pack that contains 3 different sizes to find out what size is a good fit for you. Besides, the two soft paddles are adjustable for the optimal size to fit in your nose. Having the right fit will assure maximum comfort and can determine if the nasal dilator will be successful in stopping your snoring.

mute snoring review

How To Use Mute Snoring Device?

  1. Rinse the device with warm water and mild soap before each use.

  2. Hold by the bridge, with the curved arms facing toward you.

  3. Gently rotate the Mute into your nose by placing the curved arms in first whilst tilting the bridge upwards as you insert it. The connecting bridge should span across the top of your nose.

  4. Modify the width of the two paddles for a customized fit. You should be able to feel Mute’s ribbed paddles hugging the internal curves of your nostrils.

  5. Breathe in to feel more airflow in your nasal passages.

Does Mute Snoring Device Work?

“Breathe more, snore less.” Mute Snoring claims that their nasal dilator, when properly fitted, will reduce and even cease your snoring. In their 2014 product user trial, 78% of users said they breathe more, 75% of users claimed to snore less while using Mute Snoring and 73% of partners slept better through the night. However, there is no citation or evidence to prove the legibility of data. The only way to find out is to test it by yourself. Some snorers don’t have a stuffy nose during sleep and may find Mute does not work for them.

On Amazon, 35% of reviewers gave 5-stars and 24% gave it a 1-star review. This doesn’t fair too well for the efficiency or comfort of the product.

“Does not work. My husband still sounds like he swallowed a couple of bears and they are having a fight when he sleeps.” - Editor kitty


“The multipack was a good option to determine proper size. It adjusted easily, cleaned up simply and was sturdy yet comfortable, as I don't usually find sleep products easy to wear. Unfortunately, this product doesn't stop my mouth breathing. It's helpful in allowing greater air flow through the nose, though.” - Miller

“Seeing lots of mixed reviews. I guess it works for some and not for others. For me, this is a godsend. I have an app on my phone that tells me how much I snore every night. When I use mute, I snore 0% of the time. I found the small to fit best. I didn't find the product uncomfortable at all and it has never fallen out. Seems like I could use for longer than 10 days but not sure what the negatives are to that.” - Noreen R. LaPorta

“I have really bad allergies that make breathing out of my nose at night difficult, but decongestants keep me awake. I've tried several different dilator products to help, and this is by far the best! You do need to make sure you get the right size - I was surprisingly a medium despite my small head/face - and would recommend getting the multi-size pack to start. You also need to make sure you insert it correctly - it basically needs to "click" into place about halfway up your nasal passage, which can feel awkward, but once you get all that correct - amazing!” - Melissa D. Bickel

Is Mute Snoring Device A Treatment For Sleep Apnea?

Mute snoring device is not designed for curing obstructive sleep apnea. According to a research journal, although nasal dilators have demonstrated improved nasal breathing, they have not shown improvement in obstructive sleep apnea outcomes. If you think that your snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea, you should consult your doctor or a sleep specialist.

Pros and Cons of Mute Snoring Device:


  • Easy to travel with.
  • Comes in different sizes (S, M, L).
  • Designed differently than other nasal dilators.


  • Can cause skin irritations.
  • Must be changed after 10 uses.
  • Uncomfortable and may fall out during sleep.
  • Expensive, does not have a product guarantee.

Is Mute Snoring Right for You?

If you know that your snoring is caused by your obstructed nasal passages you can choose to give nasal dilators a go. Mute Snoring has a mixed bag of reviews and many have found it uncomfortable while others have not experienced any relief for their snoring.

Inserting an object in your nose, attaching a strap around your head, or placing a device in your mouth are all quite intrusive ways to solve snoring problems. All these options carry an adaptation period and, truthfully, many users never get used to them.

We think that contact-free anti-snoring solutions are the best options. They don’t have an adaptation period where you have to get used to having something on or in your face while you sleep. They definitely provide exceptional comfort to provide you and your partner the best night’s sleep possible.

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Mute Snoring Review

The majority of the reviews dislike Mute. 32% of the reviews are 5 star ratings and the remaining 68% have mixed feelings.


Mute Snoring Review

When it comes down to it, you’re basically paying for Mute Snoring Device’s adjustability, which you might not need in the first place. So, we’d recommend trying out a less expensive local option first (after speaking with your doctor, of course).


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Mute Snoring Review

Mute nasal snoring has seemingly undergone a pretty significant Product User Trial back in 2014, which is obviously a plus, but when it comes to a snoring solution that works, there might be better options out there.


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Mute Snoring Review

After a bit of experimenting, you will find out which of the sizes fits your nose perfectly. You might need some adjustments, but thanks to the adjustable stents, this is very easily done.

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Mute Snoring Review

It might not work for everyone, but its certainly an option that can work for alot of people.


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Mute Snoring Review

One problem I do see with Mute is that one package has 3 pairs of dilators and each should be used for about 7 days. So realistically, one box has just under a one month supply. $34 a month

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Mute Snoring Review

I found the MUTE to be effective at reducing the volume of my snoring, which was a big bonus. It did not, however, reduce the actual amount of snoring as much as I would have liked.

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Mute Snoring Review

I am not indifferent to the product; however, the high price is not really something to be excited about.

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Mute Snoring Review

That said, the Mute does have a number of downsides that you must manage to overcome. The first is that it is quite expensive, although the price of a good night sleep is also tremendous. The second is that you will be required to put something up your nose, which can feel very uncomfortable, particularly when you first start to get used to it. Additionally, until you really get the hang of using the product, you may find that it falls out quite often.

Mute Snoring Review

When you have tried all kind of snoring device and none of them works, there’s the Rhinomed MUTE. This snoring aid promises to be an effective and convenient snoring device. It reduces your loud snoring and hopes to completely eliminate it.

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