Gina Bauman Stoffel
Gina Bauman Stoffel So heres the deal...this does not stop your husband from *starting* to snore. When he begins snoring, it takes 30-45 seconds for the pillow to inflate and as it inflates, the snoring gets progressively softer. Then, after a few seconds, it deflates slowly. If the snoring comes back, the process repeats. What I noticed is that my husband's overall snoring isn't as bad and doesn't last as long. The manual says to allow about a week to get used to the process I believe, but it took my husband two nights. Also, I am surprised at how quiet the whole thing is. This thing had reduced our snoring issue significantly and is well worth the money. My husband switches his type of pillow periodically, sometimes he uses a chiropractic/memory foam pillow, sometimes a flatter pillow and this think has worked with both. I am so glad we bought this!
June 17