Kevin Reimers
Kevin Reimers I've been using it for about a month now. I really wanted to stop snoring as I know it drives my wife nuts. I took a chance and ordered this. I figured with the money back guarantee I had nothing to lose. I have to say the first 2 nights I woke up a lot to the pillow expanding, but that went away after those 2 days. I can't testify the results as I can't hear myself sleep, but my wife loves it and I noticed I don't wake up with a sore throat from the air passing through when I was snoring. I feel more rested now so I have to say it's a win for me. I see some have not had success in these comments. I wouldn't let that stop you from trying it because I have no regrets! All I can hope for now is longetivity of the machine. If you're skeptical, I recommend you try it and IF it doesn't do what you think it should, send it back. I'm keeping mine. I haven't rested this well in over 30 years. Good luck!
March 11