Turn your pillow into an anti-snore pillow.

Easy to setup, even easier to use.

Smart Nora consists of three main parts. The Pebble that detects snoring, the padded pillow insert that goes under your pillow, and the silent pump that inflates and deflates the padded insert.

Listens for early signs of snoring.
Inflates and deflates gently and slowly.
The silent air pump sits under your bed.

The Science of Nora

When we fall asleep the upper throat muscles relax and the airway becomes narrower. When we breathe through a partially collapsed airway, the airway vibrates and creates the familiar snoring sound.

When snoring is detected, Smart Nora starts a gentle movement in the pillow. This movement stimulates the throat muscles, allowing for natural breathing to resume, helping the partner and the snorer sleep through the night.

Overnight Results

Smart Nora reduces volume of snoring below the level that wakes up a sleeping partner. As a result both the snorer and partner experience significant improvement in sleep continuity and quality.

Scientifically validated.

Research conducted by SleepScore Labs, shows effectiveness of using Smart Nora based on 500+ nights of collected data.

Study Results
Less awakening for any reason.
Fewer times out of bed for any reason.
More rested upon waking up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nora moving my head all night?

No. Nora detects early sounds of snoring and gently moves your head to reduce the snore. Nora has no motion and the pillow insert is flat at all other times.

Can I sleep on my side, back or stomach?

Yes. Smart Nora is designed for side, back and stomach sleepers alike. Our pillow insert spans across the pillow. No matter where your go-to spot on the pillow is, we've got you covered.

Can I use my own pillow?

Yes. Smart Nora is designed to work with all popular Queen size pillows. We recommend using softer pillows like down and soft foams. If you use a harder memory foam or gel pillow, you can customize and reduce motion of the pillow insert for your comfort.

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