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Smart Nora

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Get back 7 hours of sleep every week. Nora's patented design helps reduce snoring without waking you up, helping you and your partner get uninterrupted restful sleep every night so you can be at your best every day! Sleep the way you normally do, let Nora take care of the rest.

Turn your pillow into an Anti-snore pillow:

Smart Nora is designed by snorers for snorers. Sleep as you like, and let Nora take care of the rest. Enjoy going to bed and waking up together, refreshed, calm and well-rested.

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Smart Nora has changed my life. I get a good night's sleep and he does too! It's a miracle. I would highly recommend the Smart Nora for your sleep health and your marriage! -Brenda, New York

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nora moving my head all night?

No. Nora detects early sounds of snoring and gently moves your head to reduce the snore. Nora has no motion and the pillow insert is flat at all other times.

Can I sleep on my side, back or stomach?

Yes. Smart Nora is designed for side, back and stomach sleepers alike. Our pillow insert spans across the pillow. No matter where your go-to spot on the pillow is, we've got you covered.

Can I use my own pillow?

Yes. Smart Nora is designed to work with all popular Queen size pillows. We recommend using softer pillows like down and soft foams. If you use a harder memory foam or gel pillow, you can customize and reduce motion of the pillow insert for your comfort.

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